About Medidata NEXT


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When will registartion open?

The registration site will be availible in early June. Add your business email address here to receive updates.

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Who should attend?

NEXT is intended for a global audience and is open to our customers and other qualified members of the life science, academic, and medical communities at all levels of an organization.

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How much does it cost to attend a next program?

NEXT is free for our customers and qualified life science professionals.

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Is NEXT an in-person or online event?

NEXT Americas and NEXT Europe will be virtual experiences in 2021. We are considering in-person and hybrid options for our NEXT Asia Pacific series. Stay tuned for more details.

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Are sponsorship packages available?

Yes, we have sponsorship opportunities available and we’re excited to partner with you at our NEXT programs.
NEXT offers the opportunity to gather virtually and share your digital innovations and connect with the right people to propel breakthroughs in clinical research.
Past sponsors include IQVIA, Accenture, Syneos Health, PPD, and Capgemini

Please contact Kim Worner for information on global NEXT sponsorship packages.